The group

The Icelandic folk dance group Sporid (English = the step) has it´s main residence in Borgarfjordur, Iceland, but members also come from various places in South West Iceland. The group is known for it´s classical and informing presentation of Icelandic folk dances (13th – 20th century). Besides performing in Iceland it has introduced Icelandic tradition and culture to audiences in several other countries abroad (U.S.A., Canada, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Faroe Islands, France, Romania and China). The group´s performances abroad in 2018 were in Norfolk and Washington USA, and in 2019 the group travelled to Italy and France. In 2023 the tour goes to Bulgaria.

The dancers perform in the traditional Icelandic costumes, accompanied by the accordion. Most often there are six couples performing at the time, but other variations can be made. The program´s length varies from 20 minutes up to one hour, based on requests. An introduction of the Icelandic language, literature and music can also be included. During performances each dance is introduced in a few words so that the audience can enjoy the show as much as possible. Introductions besides Icelandic: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and German. Needed: a good dance floor (minimum: 6 x 6 sq. m. = 20 x 20 feet).

Video or sound recordings of the group´s performances for public use have to be agreed upon beforehand.

Technical requirements during performances
We have two musicians, playing the accordion. They would both need microphones connected to amplifiers given that the room requires it for the audience. There is also a possibility of one more musician, a violinist. In that case a third microphone would be appreciated.

Also, in some dances there are also a few people from the group singing as Icelandic folk dances are commonly sung to.  It would be better for the audience if that would also to be magnified.  So preferably there would be two microphones needed for the „choir“ too (4-6 people).

Two chairs without arms would be needed for the accordion players.

There will also be an introduction between the dances, but the speaker can probably use one of the microphones that the choir is using.

Contact: sporid@sporid.is.